Is SEO dead? Loved this article!

I saw this come through in my email this morning and gave it a read. I stopped scrolling when I read this line because it has been such a pressing ?? in the world of food blogging: “If a site has millions of backlinks but users hate it, the site won’t rank well in the long run.”

I think @BethanySmith has been right all along. Forget SEO. It’s all about what the user wants!

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Haha, I love hearing how right I am!!! :joy:

His point seems to be that it’s changing but is still needed. Which, I think is true. I think some SEO will likely always be a thing but shouldn’t be the thing.

So much of the advice of what to do for SEO is really just UX advice, but it’s helpful to know why you do something rather than just following a list of advice and have it all be fragmented.

Google is just trying to give the users what they want, and so should food bloggers!


No. SEO (B2B SEO Strategy To Drive Traffic and Generate Leads - Marketing Unfolded) is not dead. In fact it’s more important now than ever before. In my view the internet and all its different channels are evolving in two main directions:

  1. Closed systems (i.e. walled gardens) 2. Open systems
    Think closed-system formats like Facebook or Twitter vs open systems that allow people to do whatever they want, i.e. the open web… I agree with you 100% and there’s a lot of parallels between what you’re saying and how we think search engines should work. We’re not just about search, we’re about helping surfers find what’s cool and interesting on the web in a way that feels more human to them. So yes “SEO” is important but perhaps only as a means of encouraging people to come visit your site, however once they’ve got there it’s up to you to give them a reason to stay. Unfortunately Google are trying to own both ends of the search experience, and as a result they’re screwing over what should be an open system that benefits hundreds of millions of people who wouldn’t have regular access to it otherwise.