Invite to join Facebook Book - Blogger can share link to post

Hi everyone!
I created a new Facebook Group for all recipe categories and bloggers are welcome to post their recipe photo with a link to their website.
It’s brand new and hopefully will have many new followers one day soon!
Once you request to join and submit a post I can turn on the automatic approval for anyone how wishes to join. Have a great weekend!


Joined. :slight_smile: Hope it grows, it’s a good idea

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definitely, with time it will grow. will check it out!

send me a link to join

The link is in my post :slight_smile: Here it is. Thanks! Easy Tasty Recipes

Thanks! Just joined and submitted a post :slight_smile:

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This is awesome @Shes_Not_Cookin !!! Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be checking out the group!

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Just joined and will post later. This is awesome thank you so much for the opportunity.

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Wondering if you have a pitch-type thing we can share with FB friends about the group to try and get non-bloggers in.
The posted recipes are all looking great.

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Love this idea @Ginainga – it’s so good to also have non-bloggers in a FB group. I have recently joined a group for Air Fryer recipes. Tons of non bloggers and had a couple of my posts shared a bunch of times to peoples personal pages!