@megan Hi this is vasu from Vasu’s Vegetarian Kitchen. I’m a novice youtuber and i’m also working on my blog. Better late than never. If you love vegetarian food and if you are a vegetarian then subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel

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Welcome @starsglitter ! I subscribed! And yes, definitely better late than never.

You are in a lot of my Clubhouse rooms, right? So happy to see you here, too!

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Hello. I’m Bhagyesh! An Indian food enthusiast who would love to discuss all about the authentic subcontinental platters. What are your thoughts on exotic dishes originating from India? Which is your favorite Indian restaurant in the US? Well, mine is the EggHolic in Chicago. Let’s share our experiences.

Yes Megan its great to be on the EBT forum discussing food and also listening to your podcasts! I too have a podcast by the name Starsglitter Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast. I hope to talk with you on my podcast someday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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Hi Bhagyesh, i live in Chennai, India and i am a vegetarian, I am a novice Youtuber and my channel’s name is Vasu’s Vegetarian Kitchen . I drool for chaat items, north indian vegetarian food! I have a podcast too talking about my home cooking and talking about the same. It’s great to be connecting with you.

Hello @starsglitter ! I love knowing that you’re a podcaster AND a food blogger/Youtuber. So awesome! Welcome!