Introducing Shelly!

Hey awesome EBT people!
I want to introduce you to Shelly from @Shellyfoodspot

She is looking to connect with supportive, helpful, encouraging food bloggers like YOU! Will you help me to give Shelly a very warm welcome into the group and check out her awesome blog, too?

Thank you! :heart:
And WELCOME, Shelly! Please feel free to ask any questions here!


Hi @Shellyfoodspot, welcome!! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask any questions. I’m happy to help.

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Hi @Shellyfoodspot,
Your recipes look so good! Could you tell us a bit about the nationality of your recipes. What I like about them was they were so different from the typical American kind.

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Hii, thanks a lot & it’s a pleasure to meet you all😀 @nbelgrave @megan @Ginainga

@Ginainga I am glad you liked my recipes, there are mostly Indian recipes or fusion recipes on my blog.

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Welcome Shelly! Looking forward to getting to know you here!

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