Instagram reels!

Who here is using and taking advantage of Instagram Reels?! It’s been knows for some time that the platform is currently favoring reels and video content over static images.

I always find it a bit challenging getting started with video content, but once I get going and do it often it gets much easier.

Are you making reels right now? Have you seen much change in your performance on social media?

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Hi @girlappetit !

I have been using Reels, but not with any particular consistency (which I’m sure is crucial).

To be honest, I haven’t had great results with my reels, but it’s possible that’s just down to consistency. I’d be curious to know how frequently others are making reels and if they’re getting better results with them!

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I’ve been creating IG reels since they were first introduced in August 2020. I really enjoy them. I also started Facebook reels when I got them on my business page (I think they may still be rolling out) in November 2021. I’ve definitely gained some followers on FB. I know @jennaurben has seen tremendous results with FB reels.


I definitely think that consistency is key, and using trending music, sounds, hashtags, etc. I have noticed that a lot of food bloggers (mostly the ones who are big on IG) are making TONS of reels. Sometimes their feed is like 80% reels right now…

I actually posted on yesterday and it’s reached over 4k views already. Not sure what was different about it from my other ones. My highest reel to date reached almost 6k, so I am hoping that this will surpass it!

I post it in my stories every 24 hrs for like 5 days after I publish it, just to keep it in front of peoples eyes.


Ohhhh! that’s so interesting @amykatz about FB page reels! I didn’t know that you could do that. I will have to try that out. How does it look like when you’re able to add reels to your FB page??? I just checked my works FB pages (I manage social media for a CBD company as my full time job while I pursue my blog!) but don’t see anything. Maybe they don’t have it yet…

I think you will see it when it’s added. Listen to episode 266 of the podcast!

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