Instagram Hashtags

Hello everyone!

What is the best practice usage for hashtags on Instagram? Should they be included as part of the post separated by periods in between lines? Or should hashtags be included under comments? I see them used both ways, wondering if one performs better than the other.

Thanks in advance!

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I haven’t noticed a difference in performance based on the location of the hashtags. I do them in the post, with 5 lines between the caption and the hashtags, so they aren’t as annoying to the reader. I don’t have a huge following yet, so I am not getting hundreds of comments where the hashtag in comments would become hidden to them.

I paste the caption into this IG LineBreak Caption Generator before putting it into Instagram. This makes the caption hold my line returns, where I don’t have to put periods to separate the lines.


That’s awesome! Thanks for the info!

Yes, hashtag plays a very important role in the Instagram Post. I agree with you, yes we can use the hashtag as a part of the post or in the comments. I often use hashtags in the post regarding my food delivery business.

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I think there’s no difference on where to place hashtags. Never noticed that it influences somehow

However, you need to correctly use the hashtags so other users could see your posts related to a discussed topic and acquire the interest to your page.

Moreover, old good hashtagging is definitely goes underrated today. However, it is still a more effective way to promote your page than other dubious paid “promotion” that Instagram suggests to each user, in fact just promoting your posts among your current followers.

There is just one problem – writing hashtags under the each post of yours can be extremely exhausting and boring. So, you can use instagram hashtag apps which that can execute this job for you?

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