Instagram Formating

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out how I am going to handle Instagram in the coming months.
Our family is leaving on a full time trip in our camper, so it will be more challenging to get recipe shots with every changing lighting situations as well as I only can bring a few plates, towels, and props.

Right now on my Instagram page I have a format. Each column is a different category - grocery store/farmers market finds, recipe shots, cooking tips/kid shots. I like doing the format like that because it helps me better choose what to post next as I have a system.

I have been indecisive the last couple weeks about what to do, so I thought I would bring it to this forum.

This is my Instagram - @eatlikenooneelse

My wife is going to start a separate Instagram that will showcase your daily lives, which will include food but not be strictly food. I will be doing some cross promotion there as well as sharing our journeys in stores on my current account.

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Hi Eric:

You can use Later, Tailwind or Hopper to schedule out posts in advance. There are other scheduling apps out there but those are the ones I am most familiar with.

If you schedule out some stuff in advance you can still take shots on the camper but are not so stressed about maintaining a schedule and can also enjoy the time with your family!

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How exciting! I want her IG account name. :slight_smile: We just bought and Thor class A Ace during shut down. I completely redid the inside. I just started posting pics of our RV on my IG account, @rvglampingandtravel I post a lot of other RV families campers for inspiration and ideas.

I’m interested in what others have to say. I wish there was a system. I do NOT like messing with IG. It doesn’t seem to generate any traffic to my site and it seems I’m shadow-banned as my hashtags are not shown much. I am interested in Link in Profile. Look how it works for


Another scheduler is Facebook Creator Studio!

@eatlikenooneelse, I’d suggest just using some old pics/recipes to fill in where you need. Not everything needs to be brand new. Especially if you have a different image from a recipe that’s older. Fall is a great time to circle back to some recipes from the past.

@Ginainga that RV remodel looks amazing!

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I keep all of my outtake photos and share them to Instagram so I have a constant stream of new photos. It’s ok to reshare old photos you’ve already shared too as long as some time has passed. With how the algorithms work the same people likely won’t see them anyway and even if they did if a few weeks have passed they probably won’t remember.
As far as getting your feed to look how you like it, if you use Tailwind to schedule you can see a preview of exactly how it will look as you add your scheduled posts. That’s how I plan mine. You can drag all the photos around to get exactly the look you want.
I schedule my Instagram weeks in advance otherwise I’d forget to post there everyday.


I checked out your RV account. Everything looks beautiful! When my wife starts the new account I will let you know. Still coming up with a name.

My main reason for using Instagram is to not necessarily drive traffic because Instagram isn’t great at that but to be able to appeal to brands that I want to do sponsored work for.

@BethanySmith That’s not a bad idea to use some old pics that I have. Some may be the same pic again or I could use a different pic I have some other good options. I have lots of fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff already. Most of my Instagram followers either may not have seen me talk about the recipe or just don’t remember.

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@Mel I like your idea of using the outtakes!