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When the owner talks…it’s good to listen :slight_smile: THought some of you would like to read this post I found in their forms today. watch out for the spam filter!



Great find and info! Thanks for posting.

This tidbit is especially relevant for right now:
“In terms of seasonal content, we’re actually seeing people searching for holiday ideas on Pinterest this year earlier than they ever have before. Months earlier.”

I noted that too. I hot my first gift guide out for the holiday.

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@Ginainga THANK YOU for sharing this. It was packed with great information. Favorite takeaways:

“We encourage new publishing over saving others’ or your own already-pinned content.”

“Having a few different images for a piece of content can be an effective way to test creative performance. We do not encourage creating an excessive number of Pins for the same idea, or recipe, however. When we talk about fresh content, this really refers to new ideas or pieces of content.”

“We encourage creators to create video content (either video Pins or video in Story Pins).The more your content is engaged with on Pinterest, the more it will be surfaced for millions of others to discover.”

“While you can create new images for your existing content, we recommend publishing new ideas with new images, titles, and descriptions to provide Pinners with the best possible experience. Providing value to Pinners is the best way to improve your performance over time.”

I picked up exactly what you did Megan about “when we talk about fresh content, this really refers to new ideas or pieces of content”. That is the meat of the matter as far as I’m concerned.

Pinterest to me has made it clear that they want users to stay on their platform more than ever especially by saying that they want to be a content creation platform ( I think this was in a Simple Pin podcast epi or the EBT/Kate Ahl epi?). To me that says that they want all of us to interact there as much as possible and their role as a “search engine” is less of a priority to them.

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@LoriMurphy I think that, too! This is why they’ve introduced new features such as story pins that don’t link to anything. I wonder what the future holds for Pinterest!

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yes I wonder that as well…and their regard for content creators. I don’t like to be negative but it feels like they’re making it harder and harder for us - esp when I was just starting to gain traction.

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