In Kitchen lighting set up?

Ok, I know I need to get on board doing process shots and process videos. I have a kitchen that has (10) windows but I also have those overhead LED lights. If I turn them off, the windows are not enough near my stove area. Anyway, I’m trying to find some sort of set up that I can do on the cooking day that is a constant for good lighting. I thought about those ring light you set your iPhone in for the video. I have cannon 6D but it seems overwhelming to do a video on there.
My favorite food photographer is The Bite Shot but not seeing a kitchen set up just a studio one on her site.
Any link suggestions for someone that might have some set up ideas?


@Ginainga Ok, I’m jealous of your windows! WOW! Have you considered getting a couple light boxes? I use a setup using these:

And they are great! They can be collapsed easily and setup is a breeze. If you go this route, I can talk you through light placement, etc.

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These lights look much easier than what I have. I have an AlienBee 400 Flash box That is very big and a pain to move. I also don’t like the flash. I want a constant light.

Also last night I stumbled on this setup. I think I’m going to switch my permanent table in the studio to a rolling kitchen cart so I can easily move it into the kitchen and then put it away when done. Look at this: such great ideas.

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@Ginainga I love that setup! When you get things set up yourself, I want to see pics!