Imposter Sydrome Strikes

I’m in the final stages of putting a course out into the world that I believe will benefit food bloggers and entrepreneurs hugely. I have given the information in this course so much thought, love and energy in the past year! I have put so much of my other duties aside in order to get the course published by next week, but in the past few days I’ve hit this weird wall…

I’m starting to doubt my material! I think Imposter Syndrome is hitting me hard. Which is super ironic because a huge part of my course focuses on moving through obstacles such as this in order to succeed in business.

I am literally having to listen to my own recorded voice over and over that tells me to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. This is part of the process. Resistance is guaranteed and success is determined by how we handle it.

Imposter Syndrome is so real and it is a HARD force to overcome! I’d love to hear your story revolving around Imposter Syndrome so I can encourage you… Because it’s so much easier to see how someone else can overcome it, right? When it’s you, though… :tired_face:

@megan! I’m sure your course is great!

It is hard being a entrepreneur/soloprenuer and I feel those feelings often! So much is just me having to push through my ideas and actually finish them.

For me Instagram stories are probably the hardest as it feels so vulnerable putting my face and everything out there! But I also feel most rewarded when it works well!

Looking forward to hearing more about your course! :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh, I struggle with this so much! I always feel like someone else is doing it better than me. I think it’s because we are so absorbed by our “competitors” on social media. This business would be so much easier if we didn’t have others’ work in our face all the time!


You’ve got this, Megan!!! xo