IG takeovers

@TarynS How did that takeover work with the Whole30 IG account? Did you prep videos in advance and send it to them or??? I’ve thought that doing something like that with the Eat Blog Talk account might be fun.

I’m with @BethanySmith … I want to hear more about how you prepped and the logistics of the takeover. Maybe we could create a new thread for this for anyone else who is curious about it!

((I just did a fancy thing where I can “split” posts and moved ours on the takeover to a new one!!))

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@megan @BethanySmith - I did record videos in advance, but I didn’t send them over. That was more for my own convenience as I knew I wouldn’t have time to do the stories and post them the same day.

And they gave me access to the account for the week. I’m sure they change the password weekly so people can’t log back in.

I did a post daily, and daily stories. Plus I managed all of the comments and DMs during that week too.

I did have a focus for the week, which I talked to the team about beforehand. And I gave them an outline in a Google Doc about what I was going to post about and what I was planning for stories each day.

Let me know what other questions you guys have!