$$ ideas and how to help

I’m struggling to monetize and I need help. I want to get some sort of product, digital or otherwise up and going for quarter 4 but clueless what would be worth the time to do. So many years of wasting energy to get crickets.
Are there suggestions for others content to teach/help me pick/make/sell a product that would be profitable?
Thanks y’all

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Hey @Ginainga.

I hope we will hear from some others here too!

Did you watch the Live Q&A we did with Jason Logsdon? Much of it talks about creating products.

You also could do a gift guide. We just did a podcast about it, and if you check out this thread you can see what @megan is doing. I think @TarynS is also working on a gift guide right now!

Like Bethany mentioned, you should listen to Jason’s AMA if you haven’t already. It’s PACKED with great ideas. Have you ever thought about creating an ebook just based on content from your blog? Maybe something geared toward helping people with holiday food prep or along those lines?

Hi Gina,

Actually my business coach (Nicole Culver) just release some trainings and guides on this subject. She does have a course about it too - not sure how much it is, but she also has free stuff that should help you at least get started. You can check it out here: https://nicoleculver.co/digitalproductroadmap/

And I would definitely do a gift guide with Amazon on their Influencer platform. It only took me a couple days to be accepted (I was already with their affiliate program) and they’re pretty easy to create. It might not get you a ton of money, but it’s something. Personally I’m also considering getting the Tastylinks plugin so I can get affiliate link put in automatically in my blog posts - hoping it gives me an extra boost.

Also, I took a look at your website and didn’t see ads - what are your pageviews like? Do you have enough to maybe apply to SHE media? They have a lower requirement than MediaVine or Adthrive.

Hope that helps!


@Ginainga What have you tried in the past that hasn’t worked out?

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I have done some printable guides for parents to teach kids how to learn the biblical view of hospitality and how they could also help the family entertain guests. I have also done some bible study printable that was pretty extensive because I have a lot of views on my printable bible journal pages, I know nothing to do with food.
That’s where I am stuck, what in the world can I come up with that is not already out there that someone would want to spend $ on. My blog nitch is kind of wide, which I am working with someone to help me nitch it down over the next 6 months. Canning and southern vegan foods keep popping up, non of which I planned on, it just evolved because I was hungry for something. lol
I had a thought as I was working on some posts today. I have a lot of seasoning blends/mixes. How could I set up a printable ebook type thing that would have say 8 recipes and then teach them how to use these recipes to make as gifts to give at Christmas? I can link to amazon spice jars and I can make printable tags for them with custom names. they could print them on sticker paper that they could get from amazon. But it all seems so simple, not worthy of charging someone for. Am I overthinking all this? I tend to want everything just perfect…I am trying to break free and just get B+ work out there instead of procrastinating because I want A+

I wanted to get into the Amazon influencer program after listening to the gift guide podcast. I applied but was denied. I think from what i have read you have to have over 5,000 on fb and 10,000 on IG. I’m not even near that. I am working on my site and pinterest mostly.

I did have ads on there with gourmet ads…but I recently changed themes and just didn’t put them back on. I have around 14,000 page views a month but have hired Morgan Wiedbolt for SEO, she has me rewriting old content. shooting for 3 old and one new post per week.
I have not heard of SHE media, I will go check it out now! Thanks for the tip.
Also, I will look at Nicoles stuff. I have always liked her podcast and such.
Again, thank you for your help, I just need some good pushes to get my courage up. :wink:

Hmm, I don’t think those are the limits because I definitely don’t have them on FB or IG. But I was an affiliate and that might have something to do with it. If it helps, I don’t think it will be a huge money maker for me as I don’t have a ginormous audience or anything, more of a little boost.

Yes, check out SHE media. I’m just wrapping up my year long contract with them and they’ve been pretty good. I think you need 20K pageviews, but you might be able to apply at the end of October or November since you’re not that far off and PVs usually jump in Q4.

And def check out Nicole’s latest stuff - she’s been really helpful for me. Awesome that you’re working on SEO too! I had a short phone call with Morgan awhile back and she was very helpful.

One other thing to consider is looking at Prepear. You can do small PDF products and sell them there. Might be a good jumping off point to get your feet wet.