I posted a few blogs, and am sharing them here to get your opinion on them. Business is booming!

Hello, fellow food enthusiasts. I live in the US and am very closely working with an Indian restaurant that has gained massive success in the last 5 years. We began small and today have about 5 branches across the nation. I keep sharing blogs on our food, and everything around it. I feel quite elated when I say that we are on the track of opening 3 more eateries soon! You can read the blogs here.

Kindly share your opinion on Indian food, and what can an authentic Indian restaurant do to make the experiences better. New ideas would be welcomed with both hands. Thank you.


Hey there!! wow, congratulations on the success of the restaurant. That is so exciting! I love Indian food, it’s been a while since I have been to an authentic Indian restaurant… so I probably should pay a visit to one soon!! My dad learned how to make curry and I love making this one vegan red lentil curry recipe from a fellow blogger. I love the combination of curry and rice with a side of naan bread. Naan is my favorite!!

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I love Indian food! As someone who is vegan and gluten-free, I would love it if restaurants would label their menu so it would be easy for me to order.


I totally agree with this too @amykatz !! that would be super helpful!!