I feel lost with Pinterest

:nauseated_face: Hi everyone, so this is a really honest post!

I have been trying to figure out Pinterest for a while now. I listen to podcasts, I try to implement reccomendations.

However, when I put up a pin, I cannot seem to get peope to save my pins. I have to be doing something wrong.

Some days I feel empowered and want to push through, yet other days I just feel like giving up.

Any Pinterest guidance or help would be VERY appreciated!

Here is my Pinterest, incase anyone wants to take a look: A Drizzle of Delicious Food Blog - Pinterest

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@ADrizzleOfDelicious I browsed through your pins and you seem to be experimenting with the different formats, which is great! Keep putting up story pins, video and static pins.

As far as the pins themselves my first thought is to edit your photos to “pop” more, both with color and contrast. Pinterest is ALL about the visuals, so making sure you have something that is going to grab people’s attention within a second or two is really important. Scrolling through your pins, a few of them grabbed me: the heart egg toast and the pumpkin cupcakes. The bagel cheese, too, because I’m obsessed with cheese pulls and drips. :slight_smile:

I would recommend playing in Lightroom A LOT and teaching yourself how to create images that really stand out. Play with vibrance and contrast. Pull the slider way over to the right and then pull back until it starts to look natural.

Also, consider taking photography classes to keep upping your photography game. You’re on the right track, but you have a lot of competition! I always tell food bloggers that NAILING eye-catching images is step 1 for getting Pinterest traction.

You can also try experimenting with fonts and colors you overlay on your pins. I experiment A LOT with styles, fonts and colors to see what people actually click. Eventually you’ll start to see trends with what people are liking from you. Try writing catchy text overlays, too! Instead of “egg toast” you could say something like “love toast” or “breakfast love” or something else to stir up emotion and create a little intrigue.

I know Pinterest is tough right now, but don’t give up! There’s so much potential for food bloggers to rake in an insane amount of traffic from the platform. Visit Pinterest accounts that have crazy amounts of followers and note what their images look like. Obviously you don’t want to stray from your unique style, but you can incorporate elements from the successful Pinterest accounts into your style.

I hope that helps! I love Pinterest and I’m always willing to dig deeper to help bloggers find the traction they want. I’m hosting a clubhouse room with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media next week, so if you’re on CH join us!

Maybe you’ve already listened to these episodes, but I’ll paste them here anyway. You’ve got this!

Episode 174: Setting Pinterest Expectations in 2021 with Kate Ahl

Episode 152: Adapting To Changes With Pinterest with Melissa Megginson Of Tailwind

Episode 142: Pinterest Growth: 6 Tips That Will Stand The Test of Time with Megan Porta

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Hi :slight_smile: Don’t give up on Pinterest! Megan is right - Pinterest can be a huge traffic driver for you!

I followed the same steps that you did - listened to every podcast I could find and implemented the takeaways. I didn’t get traction for the first two months when I started blogging last May 2020. I joined group boards and that helped a little.

Then…as Megan says - I zoomed in and cropped my photos and that made a huge different. I ditched my fancy fonts for a plain bolder easy-to-read font and instantly started getting repins. Not a ton, but some.

My impressions grew a little, then one day out of the blue I had a huge spike on impressions around mid-October and it looked like every fresh pin was hitting the feed and I would have 25 people instantly on my blog viewing it. I’m embarrassed to say (lol) that I made fresh pins for two days straight every half hour to try and leverage this Pinterest magic. There is no magic. It stopped and then has been up and down since then.
I started using Tailwind in September and I used it 99% for the communities and getting my content to have a wider reach - that helped. I did, however always pin my fresh pins from Pinterest.

I spent four weeks around Christmas taking time off with family and re-doing my homepage to Modern Homepage and trying to learn SEO for 2021 and hardly pinned at all. And…it started to grow. A lot and steadily. I’ve had almost 8K page views from Pinterest in the past month and that NEVER happens. It might be an glitch (hope not) or maybe all my hard work is starting to pay off.

I looked at my analytics closely to see where my repins were coming from and left some group boards and archived personal boards with no traffic that weren’t on brand.

Now, I’m making 3-5 new pins for all new blog posts and some fresh pins with new images for older high-performing ones. My new ones still aren’t getting tons of impressions but they will - so, keep at it :slight_smile: Sorry, long message Megan feel free to edit :).
And @DrizzleofDelicious I gave you a follow - good luck! Here’s my Pinterest if you want to have a look https://www.pinterest.ca/homefeed/