How to Remove SheMedia Ad Code

I’ve been with SheMedia for a year and would like to try going without ads on my site for awhile. They were very quick to get it all set up, but it seems I’m on my own for removing the ads. Can anyone give me any tips on how to remove the ad code? Has anyone had SheMedia do it for them? Is there more than one place to take care of? I can delete their plugin, but I don’t want a bunch of lingering code slowing down my site.

I deleted the plug-in and they went away. Don’t know if there is any hidden code in there but my page speed went way up as soon as I did. I told them I was taking a break and not canceling yet. I have gotten paid so far for the revenue I earned prior.

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Oh, this is good to know! I’ll just delete the plugin and see what happens. Thanks so much, Ginainga!