How often do you post?

I’m considering going from 3 new posts/week in the new year to 2. This is huge for me and kinda scary.

I’m curious! How many new posts do you put up weekly?

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How has this been working for you? I think 2 posts to your blog is a good amount.

Do you post old recipes on social at all or just promo the new ones?

It’s been going great posting twice/week. I made the switch from 3 to 2 right away in 2020 and just going down by 1 post has opened up so much time.

I post old and new content on IG and FB.


Hey, we are currently doing 3 pots, most of them are republishing old recipes with new photos and new content. We are looking to start doing 4 posts.


Great question. I’m guessing you are asking about blog posts, not social media posts right? I am up to twice a week now that I have a writer and can get more recipes out. Which is great because before it was once a month if that.

I’ve been publishing 2 posts/week. That seems to be working out well for me. It helps immensely to batch process my flow. For example, I will cook and photograph 4 recipes in one day on the weekend. That way I have enough content to work with for at least two weeks. I have a full time job in addition to my blog. This helps me stay productive while preventing burnout.

Side note, I’ve sort of kicked Pinterest to the curb in favor of SEO. Not having to create a bunch of fresh pins has helped with time management also.

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I’m pushing down hard for a six month goal. I’m redoing 3 per week and creating one new also.