How often do you post?

I’m considering going from 3 new posts/week in the new year to 2. This is huge for me and kinda scary.

I’m curious! How many new posts do you put up weekly?

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How has this been working for you? I think 2 posts to your blog is a good amount.

Do you post old recipes on social at all or just promo the new ones?

It’s been going great posting twice/week. I made the switch from 3 to 2 right away in 2020 and just going down by 1 post has opened up so much time.

I post old and new content on IG and FB.


Hey, we are currently doing 3 pots, most of them are republishing old recipes with new photos and new content. We are looking to start doing 4 posts.


Great question. I’m guessing you are asking about blog posts, not social media posts right? I am up to twice a week now that I have a writer and can get more recipes out. Which is great because before it was once a month if that.