How much time do you spend on social a day?

I saw someone on Instagram suggest no more than 30 min a day! (They weren’t a food blogger though!)

How much time do you spend?

I could see 30 min of interacting/engaging, but creating my posts, and planning it all out takes way more time.

And those Insta stories videos?!? They are so short but feel like they are such an endless time suck.

I’ve been logging my time for over a month now, so that means everything has been revealed to me in numbers. I found that I actually have a pretty good grasp on social media! It’s between 20-45 minutes/day for IG and FB together depending on what I’m working on. I eliminated all FB “fun” scrolling from my life about 6 months ago and it has changed my life!

If I get sucked into anything, it’s Insta stories.

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That’s great to have those numbers!

I mainly am posting on Instagram and then just what I can also push to Facebook. But I know when I put stories up it’s usually 20-30 min, especially since I put a brief caption on all of them.

It depends what my post is for Insta, but usually mine are more like a mini blog so they take longer. And I create a new graphic for each one. It’s probably an hour or so for each post. So, if I did that every day, which I don’t, it probably be an 1-1.5 hrs.

I suppose to get a super accurate time of what it takes to create it all though, you’d need to figure in the amount of time it took to take the photo you used, any recipes and blog posts linked to, etc and then like a percentage of that also applies to the time. I know, I’m overthinking all this! :joy::joy::joy:

That’s great you’re not spending personal time! Haha, I definitely do, but it’s also a ton of time in Facebook groups for business or other things.

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I’m at about an hour at least. Mainly Instagram, I post on Facebook, but am not engaged by any means.