How do you plan?

We’re gearing up for offering some new planning/accountability/goal-setting help inside the EBT community. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’m curious to know how you all plan!
Do you plan last-minute?
Do you plan monthly?

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I plan monthly however Morgan does my spread sheet for me. We are trying to update 200 posts. I try to do two old and one new per week.


Yay I can’t wait to see what your new planning will be! I’ve been a terrible planner! Well, I plan but then everything goes out the window since I still have my full time job. However, things will change in 2021 since I’ll be blogging full time! :partying_face:

I really need to find my groove as a full time blogger.


I feel you AnaF! I do the same, try to plan and then everything goes out the window when things pop up with my full-time job. I too would like to change that it 2021!


I like to plan 2-3 months ahead. I find if I plan too far ahead then if something needs to move around it makes it a little harder to readjust the whole calendar.


I have been planning quaterly (draft main topics), then each month plan the details. Not perfect, and I sometimes have issues executing the plan. I can’t wait to see what you are working on.


I like to plan 2-3 months ahead of time with a theme for the month. Like many people I also have a full-time day job as well. Trying to make things work during the week can be quite the juggling act.

I have a few questions. I’m figuring things out still would like some advice.

  1. How often do you post blog content during the week?
  2. When do you shoot your food photos? As you have the meal or all on one day?
  3. What platform do you use to keep your recipes organized?
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Hey @helloyumcreative I love that you have a theme for each month. That’s a great idea! To answer your questions:

  1. I’m republishing content 5 days/week in 2021 (no new content for me since I have hundreds of blog posts to update).
  2. I try to shoot food photos one day/week, whether that’s one or three recipes.
  3. I use Trello for my editorial calendar and it’s super slick! I also manage a spreadsheet on Google Drive that has a running list of all of my blog content and the status of each post.
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