How do you keyword research?

Happy Thursday everyone!! I’d love to hear which platform you all use to do your keyword research PLUS one helpful tip about SEO that might spark something in someone who’s learning how to do it!

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Oooh, good question!

I know that Keysearch and RankIQ are biggies.

Can someone share something that they use outside of search volume and competitor keywords to focus on to narrow in on their key word research? Love to hear some other tips!

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I use Keysearch and have restarted using RankIQ. I have the Moz and Keywords Everywhere extensions on Chrome, too, that I use to check volumes and competitor DAs. I just started doing this, so am not a pro but it’s useful. I have taken Aleka’s Cooking with Keywords course, too, which is useful for understanding how to do keyword research. I find it helpful and go back to it often!

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If you are looking for keywords for pages that already exist ie. content republishing, Google Search Console (GSC) is often overlooked as a great source of keywords.

Sorting an individual page by Impressions instead of clicks will show you the keywords that have the most search volume.

You can find high volume keywords that Google thinks the page is somewhat related to, but the page has not been optimized for so they do not rank well enough to get a meaningful number of clicks.

Check the difficulty of the keywords you find with something like Keysearch to make sure it is in range of your site, republish the page, update internal links and watch the keyword climb through the rankings! :slight_smile: