How do you get testimonials? 🤔

What advice do y’all have on how to get testimonials for a service/product you offer like an ebook, course or other freelance work?

This is one area I am not good at, so If love advice.

Also, using peoples pictures along with their testimonials…do you just ask them for the pic and permission and all that jazz?

Ugh, I think I’m just so afraid people will say no to these requests that I just get paralyzed from doing it!


I’m new to this, too, but I’ve also seen the need to dig into this topic!

I just finished publishing my first course (woo!) that will be launching soon (bigger woo!). Before I started the course, I knew I wanted to have testimonials to go along with it when it launched, so I presented the exact same information (for free!) to a handful of bloggers in a shortened time frame. Part of my up-front ask was that honest testimonials would be provided at the end. So now I have a collection of great testimonials based on the EXACT same information that I’m providing within my course. It was a win-win… we all walked away with value!

So I think offering people something in exchange for a testimonial is helpful. Maybe it’s a free copy of a book/ebook or a small gift card or just a sincere note letting them know you truly are grateful for their honest feedback.

As far as photos go, I typically will grab straight from About pages but it doesn’t hurt to ask about that because sometimes people have newer or different photos to share.

Anyone who says “no” to providing a testimonial is either just reallllly busy or is someone that maybe you don’t want talking about your work anyway. It definitely does not hurt to ask and I bet you’ll be surprised by others’ willingness to support you in this way!

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I feel like it’s easier for a course or a book to give previews or copies/etc, but a little harder for something like services like my full audit as that’s just too much work for me to do for free!

But, I have broken it down and done mini mini audits for free on Instagram, or I did a mini audit for you before our first podcast interview.

Okay, so…on that podcast episode, you mentioned the mini audit that I did for you and some stuff about it…if I just pulled that quote out and then took your pic from your website and used that as a testimonial without asking would you feel that was overstepping or a-okay? (Of course, I suppose that could be avoided by just emailing and asking you. Welcome to my brain.)

I think I just need a more formalized feedback process like through a form and then I can add a note that I may use the feedback for advertising purposes.

I think most people in this business are SO willing to help out that a simple email asking to do something like that is all that’s necessary. I would personally write a testimonial for any entrepreneur who provided a service or product I believed was adding value and would appreciate an ask before pulling out a quote from an email or podcast episode and using that… mostly because I’d just be so willing to write up something much better!

What if you send out a simple survey to everyone you did mini-audits for and let them know you’ll be using info from those to use as testimonials?