How do I know if my email sign up is working?

I’m trying to grow my email list. I created a new opt-in, email welcome series, I have an email subscription page that I link to in my site header and in my recipe card, and I have a pop-up.

I’ve gotten 6 new subscribers in the past two weeks. I don’t know if that’s good or if it could be better. For context, I’ve had 10k users visit my site in the past two weeks.

I’m wondering what kind of numbers other people see or how they know if their email sign-up strategy is successful.

Hi @MeganJ! That does seem a little low to me. While I don’t have the best conversion and am still figuring things out with my signups, I did a little research and found this article: Pop-up Statistics: Findings From Analyzing 2 Billion Pop-up Examples.

Essentially it says around 3% is normal, but I’ve heard from other sources (mostly Matt Molen with Email on AutoPilot) that for food bloggers between 0.5% and 2% is pretty normal. But in that case on the low end you should have around 50 subscribers over the last two weeks.

I think a pop up is your best bet to get email subscribers - those tend to convert well. I took a quick look at yours and it looks really good but it’s still somewhat general. You may need to get more specific and/or address a stronger pain point. Take a look at some other food blogs and see what others are doing to get some ideas (not copying, obviously, but just to get some options in your head).

This is also an excellent topic for the MiniMind! Though I realize we’re still a couple weeks away from that.

Thanks! That’s all really good information give me something to shoot for.

I can’t wait for the MiniMind!

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