How Can We Help?! Let's chat webstories!

Food bloggers - we are mid week and want to check in with you! How’s the week going? Feeling productive? For those of you with kiddos back in school, is this helping your productivity?

:ear:t4: We’d love to hear what you’re up to this week. Can you use some encouragement? Share below what’s top of your list that we can give some support to you on! :hugs:

    Who’s posting web stories? Who’s on the fence about creating them?

We’d love to hear a web story win! :100:

Need some pointers on web stories? Throw a question below. Maybe something that’s tripping you up on and we’ll get some answers for you!

Megan|Pip and Ebby had a No Bake Strawberry Pie recipe grow on web stories and it was great to get feedback from people sharing they’d seen it while browsing online! Check out your analytics to see what got some traction. Then keep at it!

Casey Markee has been saying some people are moving away from Web stories but actually we should be doubling down and doing more! Thoughts!? :exploding_head:

Love to hear your feedback - shout out your questions!

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I know @Barbara has some web story wins! @nbelgrave too! Give us the details, ladies (and anyone else!). What worked? How often are you posting them?

I’d love to hear from @Barbara and @nbelgrave!

Do you think web stories take a lot of time? Do you feel like the recipes are what draws people’s attention or the amount of slides and detail in them?

I think @LoriMurphy has seen some success, too! We want the scoop! :slight_smile:

Hi ladies! @megan @melissat

Important to track the metrics of the web stories separate from your blog pageviews. Check out this video that explains how to How to Set Up & Track Google Web Stories Analytics - YouTube

  1. I haven’t posted so frequently. I posted one every 2-3 weeks because I don’t have a ton of blog posts.
  2. I create them with 7-10 slides about recipes and step by step.
  3. Didn’t start with the popular posts. I checked search console and google trends for topics, and based on that, I created the web story.
  4. No teaser, no links on all the slides.
  5. The First one went kind of viral, with around 5k additional pageviews to the website. The second one went crazy, which made the first one bump back again for a couple of days. The third one, same scenario.
  6. Got a bunch of subscribers on those specific days that the traffic spiked. Seems to be really engaged people watching those web stories.

Hope that helps! If you have any question let me know and I’m glad to help.

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Hi everyone, a topic near and dear to my heart!! After adjusting my mindset FIRST, web stories were one thing that helped me get into mediavine after blogging for 13 months. Recently, I had a peach dessert recipe that did really well. I created more content for peaches. And then another…and another peach recipe! I had 50k views last month alone from web stories.
I have made up to three for the same blog post and sometimes had all three web stories being shown at the same time!
Mine are NOT fancy. I haven’t ventured into video yet and I use still images with self-made templates that I re-use over and over.
I use google trends to find seasonal content that is trending and make that!! I have two properties set up - one that shows me ‘only web stories’ so I can look at events and see which pages viewers are clicking through, entrance/exit and have a ‘filter’ set up in my google analytics for ‘all traffic excluding web stories’ which shows me the true web story traffic that is clicked through to. my blog. They work!! Does every single one take off? No, but they’re still worth it!! I believe they also made a big difference with my email sign-up. I went from 152 to over 1,000 in less than two months. Can you tell I love web stories? :smiley:


@Shes_Not_Cookin WOW WOW WOW! I love your story with web stories! I also love that you said “After adjust my mindset FIRST…” Amen to that. It’s a vital piece that often gets skipped, but you can’t move up without it.

Congrats about getting into Mediavine so quickly and for tapping into the web story magic!

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Thanks Megan! Many takeaways from your podcast that helped me get there too!

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Thank you for being so specific and giving such detail in using the best of web stories to get traction! I’d love see some of your stories to see how incorporate creating multiple stories on the same recipe.


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thanks! They’re all very similar to each other. I post recipes only. For example, I had Fresh Peach Cobbler, Best Peach Cobbler, Peach Cobbler Recipe as titles/web story URLS. So, all of the web story URL’s are different. You can change them in the editing screen on the right side. I typically change the cover photo. Just a disclaimer - I have not been able to find any documentation that having three web stories for one blog post creates an issue with google, but maybe someone else has other info about that. I also have had some good clickthrough by adding “you might also like” related recipes at the end of the web story. ie; another peach recipe in this case. I try to use SEO keywords in my descriptions and the same wording that I find in google trends. I read in a different forum that someone finds they get more traction if they post on the weekend. That makes sense. I don’t want to self-promote here but they are in the search on my site. And I’m aware that my circle logo is not captured in the cover page. I’m still learning lol.

Also @Shes_Not_Cookin fill out an EBT application! I’d love to have you as a guest on the podcast to dive into web stories. This would be a super valuable chat.

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Wow. I think I may have manifested this! This morning, I was telling my husband that I wanted to reach out to you about being on your podcast! Okay - will do that today :slight_smile: thanks so much!


@Shes_Not_Cookin Whaaaaaaat?! Ok, that is SO awesome.
Maybe we should have a second chat about manifesting because I’ve been manifesting things like crazy lately! So cool… I’m so happy you called this opportunity to you! It’ll serve us both (and so many other food bloggers) very well. :heart:

I found the application and submitted it - thanks Megan! I’m a huge fan!!

Absolutely!! I could talk about manifesting all day haha!


@Shes_Not_Cookin I have a huge manifesting story that is still playing out and I can’t wait to share it with people. :heart: So many others to share, too…


That is so awesome!! Congratulations. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: I agree it has to do with a mindset shift.

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I love all the suggestions for webstories, I have been experimenting for a couple of months and just recently have had a few that are doing well. I haven’t tried doing more than one on the same recipe but am going to try this on the ones that did well and see if I can get some more traction out of those.


I have a question for you experienced web story users…we have been using web stories and trying all the things added above! Glad to know we’re on the right track.

However, I am using high res versions of photos yet I still keep getting these checklist items from WP. Anyone else get them - do you know of a solution or do you ignore them?

-use 828x1792px for a full screen image.
-consider similar pixel density for cropped images.