How Can We Help?! How's Q4 going?

Hey everyone - I hope everyone enjoyed a healthy and happy Thanksgiving in the US! :poultry_leg:

It’s been busy start to Q4 over here and there’s so much to keep your eyes on, your hands juggling and still enjoy the holidays too! What’s your focus been - do you have a plan or are you just working through the list and back again?

Does anyone have any feedback on what’s been working for them?
What’s something you need some feedback or encouragement on?

We’d love to help one another out - throw out what’s been going on in your part of the world!

Pip and Ebby - VA

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My recipe roundups that I’ve been putting through the RankIQ optimizer have been working REALLY well, so I want to put a focus on them going forward.

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That is exciting! Do you have any recommendations on how to dive into using RankIQ for those that are interested in using it?