How are your fall RPMs?

I peeked at my RPMs this morning fully expecting yesterday to be a huge disappointment, but it wasn’t bad! RPMs dipped a bit from Sep to Oct, but not as much as I anticipated. Phew!

Also, September ad revenue was almost a record month for me. Anyone else that saw the same thing?

My RPMs were almost identical between Aug and Sep and my RPMs for Oct aren’t there yet (they’ll start showing tomorrow). And my biggest revenue month was August, but I think that’s because I did a large Instagram takeover about grilling in July and the traffic bled into August.

I’m interested to see how Oct and Nov go for me since this is the first time I’ll have ads in those months! Then in Dec I’m scheduled to switch over to Mediavine and am excited for that as well.

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Exciting @TarynS !! Your first Q4 with ads is momentous! Who is your current ad network?

@TarynS tell me more about the IG takeover you did!

@megan I’m currently with SHE media, which has been fine but I think I’ll get the same or better RPMs with less ads through Mediavine. So I’m switching :slight_smile:

And I did an IG takeover on the Whole30 Recipes account in July! It was a LOT of work but also really awesome. I loved getting to connect with others who either wanted to learn about grilling or already like grilling.


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I rarely check my RPMs unless someone asks, but I went up 4 from Aug to Sept. And somewhere in the middle for the first 2 days of Oct.

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My RPM dropped a few dollars from September to October. I am around $28 right now, so nothing to be sad about at all.

Also excited that with the end of earning for Mediavine in 2020, this year was the first year of my blog where I earned more than enough month every month to meet all our family’s budget needs. The last couple years I lived off the extra money from 3 months of the year and wasn’t able to save.