How are you planning the rest of the year?

We are about the enter the last month of Q1 - how is everyone planning the rest of the year? We’d love for you to share your strategies and possibly help someone out who might be struggling with this!

Good question! One thing I’m trying to do overall is to try do more to organize my content schedule (both new & updating old posts) around seasonal themes that build on my blog’s strengths. In the past of done that around Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday season but not other times of year.

So this month I’ve been focusing on Irish related content in advance of St. Patrick’s Day, April I will focus on Mexican for Cinco de Mayo. Not trying to cover everything – e.g. didn’t do much with Valentine’s Day, don’t plan to do much with Easter. I am picking focus areas where I have some depth of content and at least one or two existing posts that drive good results.

How about you?

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THis is great insight, thank you so much @CookingChat . I’ve been working on my keyword research and noting the months that each keyword is popular on. So hoping that will help me out! I think it would be good to post the recipes 2-3 months before they become popular.

Yes, I think a couple month’s lead time is ideal. I probably don’t get that far ahead! A month to 6 weeks is what I am for…that way I’m not making stew while it’s 80 degrees out and so forth.

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Hahaha that’s a good point! DO you think that one might also have to factor in their DA and traffic flow, to see when one should be posting?