Hosting suggestions

Hi, can anyone tell about some best and cheap hosting company?

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Best AND cheap don’t really go together.
Big Scoots is one of the most popular now.
There’s also Agathon.

If you’re just starting out, you can likely use something more basic. I know some people don’t like SiteGround, but I’ve still had a good experience with them and they have some cheaper options.

@Shellyfoodspot I can vouch for Bigscoots being absolutely incredible in every realm… quality hosting and top-notch, stuper-fast customer service. I highly recommend them!

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I second BigScoots! I know when it comes to hosting I never want to go cheap. Food blogging is my business and I want to make sure that all my recipes are protected and up and running 24/7. :slight_smile:

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What about green geeks or hostinger?