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I am debating if switching hosts will help my website overall. I am currently with Bluehost, pass all my core vitals and have page speed between 95-100 (mobile and desktop). Has anyone NOT on big scoot been accepted to Mediavine?

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Following, curious to learn about this too.

There are lots of good hosts out there, in the same way that there are lots of bad ones.

Off of the top of my head, other good hosts include, in no particular order: WPOpt, Cloudways, NameHero, there are more but I can’t think of them right now.

I’ve pretty much settled on thinking of hosting fees as services fees. That is to say, what you are actually paying for is the level of service you receive. Many, many companies can provide a server that is quick and online 24 / 7. There are very few that provide high levels of support for the applications (ie. Wordpress) you install on their server. As long as the site is online, they consider that to be the end of their job.

This morning I was working on an SEO audit for a food blogger and found a bunch of old backlinks pointing to a subdomain that no longer exists. ie. the site used to be on a domain that looked like and now it lives on A whole bunch of incoming external links were going to which returns a 404 error. I raised a ticket with Bigscoots, and 15 minutes later they had put in place 301 redirects for the entire old domain to point to the new domain. That blogger now has a whole bunch of “new” backlinks pointing at their domain making it even more powerful so they can rank better for harder keywords.

That is the kind of service level that is worth paying ‘extra’ for, which is why so many people end up at Bigscoots, in my opinion. :slight_smile:


PS. I forgot to talk about Bluehost. Their business model is to cram so many websites onto a single server that the server struggles to stay online at the best of times, never mind at the busy times of day. So you are likely getting micro outages that you are not even aware of.

Have a look at the Core Web Vitals section of your Google Search Console. It might look something like this. You can see where in mid March we moved the site from Bluehost to the cheapest $6 a month Bigscoots plan.


Yeah, ditch Bluehost ASAP.

I was not with Bigscoots and was accepted to Mediavine.

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I’m migrating a new domain to another hosting site right now and selected SiteGround. They are much more affordable than Big Scoots and the customer service has been excellent. I think it really depends on your current traffic and expected traffic. While SiteGround has various options available, if you already have a higher traffic site, then go for Big Scoots now versus later.

I’m with WPopt and qualified for Mediavine at the end of last year. I switched over last February from HostGator… I loveeeee Charles at WPopt so much!! He’s kind, quick to respond, and helps out a lot :slight_smile:

Saw a recent interaction where a “fatal error” hit a blogger last week. Of course it brought about panic and it was late at night. Within 15 minutes, Big Scoots had the problem found, addressed and the blog back online.

Big Scoots isn’t the only host but they are a good example of the peace of mind you’re paying for. Just be thoughtful in the questions you ask a new potential host and listen to your fellow bloggers. What’s your worst case scenario in your mind? Ask about that. Who’s on your case right away and how quickly.

Hope all this insight was helpful to you!

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Thank you so much, everyone! I very much appreciate everyone’s feedback and input. I am now at 49,300 sessions and I am with Bluehost. Once I get approved for Mediavine I will most likely make the jump to a different host - depending on prices.

Soooo… a little host update. I was with Bluehost when Mediavine started adding all their plugins and stuff to my website. My speed dropped from 100 on mobile to 25(!!!). So of course I started to freak out. I tried to work with Bluehost to get things back on track and their customer service was so bad that in a spur of the moment decision I switched to Bigscoots. Their customer service - OMG! They helped me set up RocketWP and made sure my website runs smooth. The migration to Bigscoots took 1hr. And yes, my mobile speed is now around 95-100. I am so glad I made the switch. Just for the customer service alone


Yay! Glad you got that great service and things back on track. It makes paying for a service worth it, in my book. And your speed is where you need it. Great news!

Thank you for sharing.


That’s great to hear, Daniela. I also plan to make the move from Bluehost to Bigscoots down the line. Happy to know that your move went smoothly.