HOME page and sidebars

I’m in the process of making my home page simpler. I have 2 questions:
1- how often do you tweak your home page?
2- what do you have on your sidebar?

Currently I have my photo, brief bio and ads on my sidebar and… I kinda like it! Most people view my site on mobile anyway, so never see the sidebar info.

I’ve just updated my bio to add more info on what makes me an expert, instead of just a hello and welcome to the blog :slight_smile:

I just peeked at yours and I LOVE IT! The trend for so long has been just to say “Hey!” but putting authority right up front is smart.

I used to have more going on in my sidebar and ended up taking the majority off. It really sped up my site and I figured most aren’t seeing it unless they are on desktop. I would like to add a graphic for each season, though, and link to a page with them all. What do you think is the best way to go about this to get to a seasonal landing page? Write a new post each season or new category pages. Has anyone done this? TIA!

Site speed was my main reason for basically deleting everything on my sidebar. I like your idea about linking to seasonal recipes from there, though. Could you use category or tag pages to do that?

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I tweak the featured images at the very top of my home page at least once a week if I remember. To my surprise they actually seem to drive traffic, as long as I feature something extremely delicious and seasonal. My sidebar is pretty basic - photo, bio, search bar, ads, and a popular posts widget. One thing I recently took off the sidebar was a subscription box, but it seems to be having an impact, because I’m definitely getting fewer email subscribers, so I’m afraid I might need to put it back, unfortunately! Either that or maybe the dreaded pop-up, LOL.

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Monica, I love that you are seeing traffic from your featured images! Experimenting with the sidebar is a constant trial and error, isn’t it? I recently switched over to the dreaded pop-up for the first time EVER in the history of my blog and I’m seeing incredible amounts of signups, like waaaay more than ever before. I know it’s such a huge no-no and everyone advises against it, but… the numbers!

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Since I took my ribbon off (which was on desktop only!) my subscriber numbers has really gone down. I’m with Megan, I think I’m going to have to put it on again…

That’s great, Megan! What service did you use to create your pop-up?

I recently switched from Convertkit to Flodesk, so decided to try the Flodesk pop-up.

Just wondering about this “ribbon”? I also don’t like pop-ups and looking for alternatives.

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I’m not sure if she meant a top bar, but that’s my guess. We currently have one using “Hello Bar” on the main Eat Blog Talk site, if you want to look.

Thank you. I’ll check into Hello Bar and see if it will be a good addition. I have an account from using it for awhile on my other site about 5 or 6 years ago.

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