Hola! Nancy from Mexican Made Meatless

Thank you Megan for the opportunity to join your forum and for all the knowledge you share on your wonderful podcast.

My Name is Nancy and I blog at Mexican Made Meatless, where I focus on creating vegan Mexican and vegetarian Mexican recipes.

I’ve been a food blogger for a while but only recently started trying to go full time on my own blog. Life happened with some major bumps in the road. Unfortunately I had to focus on other work due to my financial situation being gravely affected after my husband passed from cancer a couple of years back.

My goal is to grow my blog to have a nice income that I can use to pay off debt, live off of, and start to be able to have some savings for my future.

I’ve been listening to the Eat, Blog, Talk podcast as well as reading anything I can find to grow my blog and reach my goals. I’ve felt so inspired listening to the episodes and have hope that I too can be successful and lucky to get to do what I love and am passionate about. I know it’s a lot of work but am ready and hopeful.

I’m looking forward to learning and being inspired by all of the members. Thanks for having me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, Nancy!! So glad you’ve joined this wonderful group! xoxo

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Thank you Liz, nice to see a familiar face. xoxo

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@Nancy Your story gave me goosebumps! I’m SO happy you are here and that you’re loving the podcast episodes.

Your blog is GORGEOUS! Wow! You clearly have the talent and drive to turn your blog into a thriving business, which means that it is going to happen. I’ll be your cheerleader! :confetti_ball:

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Welcome Nancy!

I love your bright, inviting blog! Great photos and easy to navigate. So glad you introduced yourself and are here.

My hubby is from Jalisco and he loves having homemade food from home so I’m always looking for a great recipe. I’m also committed to “mastering” making homemade tamales so I can teach my kiddos too. My mother in law has taught me so know I need some good reminders to recreate them at home so I see you have a great recipe.

What would you say are your top two needs in terms of help, problem solving, encouragement, brainstorming for this next season of your blog?


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Welcome to the group @Nancy !! So excited to have you here, and looking forward to learning more from you.

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@megan Thanks so much, Megan. I truly appreciate your kind words and support.
@girlappetit Thank you, I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here.

@melissat Wow, my family is from Jalisco. I was actually born there but grew up in the states & currently living in Campeche. Your MIL’s recipes must be amazing!

I’m up for learning everything I can and readying other’s success stories definitely fuels my encouragement. My top needs are growing my traffic and learning more about keyword research.

Thank you!

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