Hi, this is Daniela from The Gluten Free Austrian/austrianwithwuff

Hi, after poking around in this forum for a few days I thought it was time to introduce myself. My name is Daniela and I am the pastry chef/creator behind The Gluten Free Austrian - www.theglutenfreeaustrian.com . (I am Austrian and I have celiac). I am located in Chicago but grew up in Austria. I have been blogging since February 2021 - never planned on really having a blog but a year ago the FeedFeed kept asking if they can repost some of my pictures and where to find the recipe. Well, little did I know a year ago. I just scrambled together a website on Squarespace and thought “the less you write the better”.

I moved to WordPress in May 2021 and have been plugging away since. I applied for Mediavine but got denied because my bounce rate was too low (40%). (There have also been some issues with me using a link in bio page hosted on my website vs using a service for it…) So now I need to/want to step up my game.

It’s a lot of work as everyone knows (I am on my own… only help I have is my dog Feather). I am looking forward to connect and learn from all y’all!

Greeting from chilly Chicago,


Hey there @austrianwithwuff !!! so nice to meet you and welcome to our forum. This is so exciting, and so incredible how you’ve been able to grow so quickly. Getting the FeedFeed’s attention is a big deal!!

Excited to see where your blogging journey takes you, and looking forward to more conversations with you here on the platform!

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Welcome @austrianwithwuff great to have you here! I’m not celiac myself, but it runs in my family, so I’m often looking for GF options. I tend to lean towards tarts when I’m making GF recipes because GF pastry is such an easy option, but I noticed a ton of cake/cookie recipes on your blog, so I’m looking forward to branching out a bit!


Welcome, Daniela!

Did Mediavine elaborate when they said they were denying you for a 40% bounce rate? I would think that a low bounce rate would be a good thing.

@Sandra Their e-mail was really strange. They also made a strange comment about my “link in bio” page kinda saying I shouldn’t have one of those. And then when I look at other bloggers, almost everyone who is on mediavine has a link in bio page on their website… It’s almost like they couldn’t have a real reason why they denied me.

(I am not bashing or upset with Mediavine but after going through house fire and losing a dog unexpectedly, the No from Mediavine really was the final straw that sadly pushed me into back into mental health issues)

I am so very sorry to hear about your house fire and the loss of your dog! :sweat: The denial from Mediavine would be enough to put me over the edge as well if I were dealing with the things that you are. Hugs to you!

Maybe when you’re feeling better, you can reach out to them for clarification. We work hard on our blogs, and it doesn’t seem fair that you would be denied the opportunity to earn an income for your hard work.

@Sandra It really did put me over the edge. You know that feeling if you should keep on swimming or just give up, that’s where I am at. I know giving up now would be stupid. Thank you for your kind words

Well, I have an exciting update to share - back in Spring I chatted with @megan about my blog, how I can improve things and what my game plan is. One of the things I told Megan was that if Mediavine doesn’t make me happy, I will look into Adthrive. Well, I was accepted last week and will be moving to Adthrive end of September :partying_face:

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Yay!! I love this exciting news and how just around the corner from your NO was a YES waiting!!

So glad you and Megan chatted. Keep sharing your wins and asking questions here!

Only going up from here!