Hi there! I'm Josh with Greener Grazing!

I’m an entrepreneur starting an online store called greenergrazing.ca selling pastured meats to southern Ontario. I’m passionate about getting nutrient-dense food into our degraded food system, and committed to producing quality products.
I write an occasional blog, and if you have influence in southern Ontario and would like to write about what I do, feel free to get in touch with me! I’m interested in increasing the exposure of my products, and introducing people to healthy meat products.

Let’s get in touch!

Josh Bauman
Email: josh@greenergrazing.ca

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Welcome Josh! How long have you been blogging? Are you interested in growing your blog portion of your business?

Thanks for introducing yourself!


Thanks Melissa!

I’ve only started doing some blogs on the store website in this past year. To me, the blog and the store should go hand in hand, although sometimes it can be difficult to find time for both :wink:
I believe people need to be educated about food, which, thanks to all you guys, is definitely happening!
I also believe people need to be educated about agriculture and how that all relates to the food we eat. Much of conventional agriculture has been degrading land and other resources, and therefore depleting the food we eat of essential food and nutrients. This is where want to come in and relay what I am learning, so that others can make educated decisions about their food.


There are many bloggers that align with this message out there, so definitely keep going and maybe you can reach out to them, connect and share more!

Thank you for introducing yourself!

Hey there Josh!!

So happy to have you in our community. Welcome!