Hi! I'm sarah

I just want to say hi, and introduce myself here @ eat blog talk form.

I’m Sarah, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I run the blog called DeliciouslyMediterranean.com
My blog is focused on helping people create delicious Mediterranean inspired meals.

I focus mainly on recipes from the Levantine (Middle East) and North African Mediterranean coastline but that’s not to say the European countries are excluded. I have the better knowledge base and experience with Levantine (Middle East) and North African coastlines. So lots of fresh Mediterranean flavour from a different perspective.

I’ve lived in Libya, been to Morroco, Turkey, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai on many different occasions. All my closest friends are Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese & Italian. So you can say I have a lot of exposure to the Mediterranean.

I look forward to meeting everyone!


Welcome, Sarah!

It sounds like a great niche for your blog. I know so many people love any Meditteranean and Middle Eastern food.

Looking forward to hearing your perspective on things!

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Hi Sarah! WOW about your exposure to the Mediterranean! And I love your photography. It’s beautiful!
Feel free to ask questions, answer questions, be a support, etc, in the forum. So excited you are here!

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Hi Sarah,

What a story! I’ve only been to Tunisia, Egypt and Italy for holidays, but I really enjoyed these those flavours - so rich and comforting.

So nice to meet you!

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Hi Sarah - welcome :slight_smile: - your photos are fantastic! You definitely have the experience to back your delicious Mediterranean recipes!

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Thank you, Megan, I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while, it funny cause I’ve wanted to join, but I just didn’t for some reason. It’s funny a lot of marketers say that a customer needs to be exposed at 25 times before they buy and it took listening to your podcast for the last few months before I decided to join.

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Thank you Bethany,

I know the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern niche is popular, and I struggled on whether or not to commit to this niche, but so far I think I made the right choice.

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Hi Kasia,

Wow that’s amazing you’ve been to those countries for vacation, I’ve wanted to go to Italy and Egypt for so long, my husband doesn’t like Egypt he hates it there so he won’t go. Ugh. Tunisia food is delicious They have a street dish called keytagee, it just really delicious fried potatoes, eggs and harissa, but no matter how hard I try to make this dish, nothing beats the street shop in Tunis.