Hi, I'm Pia and all about sustainable food!

Hi everybody!

I’m Pia, a Melbourne-based girl on a sustainable kitchen quest. I use my blog My Sustainable Kitchen to share recipes, tips, and DIYs to get sustainable in the kitchen!

I would love to connect in particular with bloggers that focus either on sustainability, zero waste, or vegan/vegetarian food! :partying_face: Just to chat, follow or maybe even get an accountability partner?



Hey Pia! I find the whole topic of sustainability very interesting, although I haven’t ever done much about it. Glad to have you here!

Hello Pia :slight_smile: Love your post on getting the labels off the jars, I always struggle with it :smiley:
So great to meet you!

Hi Pia! Welcome! So glad you’re here. :slight_smile:
I know sustainability is a biggie for @forkinthekitchen and she focuses on mostly vegetarian foods. Maybe you two could connect!

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Thanks, Megan!

Hi, Pia! I’m definitely passionate about sustainability and hope to keep incorporating more of it in my actual blog, not just on IG! I just followed you - looking forward to connecting!