Hi! I'm Michelle

Hi friends!

I’m Michelle and I run the site CupofZest.com where I share party-ready recipes to help people invite their friends over more and stress less when hosting get-togethers.

I’ve had my site since 2013, but have made some changes and focused on different things over the years. Now party food/cocktails and party hosting tips are my focus and I’m looking to transition into running my site full time asap!

A fun fact about me is that I’ve worked behind the scenes of Food Network TV shows, Guy’s Grocery Games was my main show, and went to Guy’s 40th birthday party!

So glad to be part of this community!


Michelle @cupofzest your site is soooo beautiful! And your photos! :heart_eyes: Your cocktail pics are especially inviting.

I am SO happy to have you here in this community! And I need to know more about working behind the scenes at FN TV shows. Give us the scoop! Is Guy as nice as he seems? So cool!!

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Thanks so much Megan!

Yay, so glad to be here!

OMG, working BTS on the shows was crazy. I did it for 4-ish years. Guy is AMAZING! I really loved working on the show and we had such a great time.

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@cupofzest My boys are MASSIVE Guy fans. They are oozing with envy!

Welcome! Let the party begin! :smile: We have a bunch of party bloggers here.


Welcome Michelle @cupofzest, I enjoyed watching your youtube channel, and your site looks so nice!

Happy to help out in anything.


Welcome, Michelle.
Your recipes look so good! Looking forward to getting to know you here!
My website


Hi, Michelle!
I just followed you on Pinterest. I need to try the Pineapple Gin Cooler :star_struck:

I am slightly jealous that you worked with Guy, my boyfriend and I literally have Guy’s Grocery Games on repeat in our house on a regular basis!

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