Hi, I'm Mary-Lou from Salty Ginger

Hi everyone. My name is Mary-Lou and I run https://saltyginger.com/.

I sort of started my blog in Nov 2020 on a small co.nz domain with pretty shitty hosting, random posts and sub-par, and decide to make the jump to .com in May 2021 (when I saw I was actually getting traffic) and upgraded to Cloudways hosting.

From May - Dec I spent a lot of time learning about SEO, optimising my Feast Design Plugin, and then I signed up for Food Photography Academy. In May 2021 I had about 800 sessions per month, and I now currently am getting around 15,000 sessions per month.

My goal for 2022 is to hit the 50,000/month and apply for Mediavine, as well as jump into the freelance photography life.

Thanks for having me!



Welcome Mary-Lou! So cool to hear your story. I love your blog name and I took a little scroll through your blog and I love the aesthetic!

I’d love to hear what you thought of the Food Photography Academy. I’ve never taken any blogging/photography courses because I’m a little hesitant about spending the money before I’ve made much, but I’m curious about others’ experiences!

Great to have you here,


Thank you Maya!

I was also a little hesitant to spend money, it was definitely an internal hurdle I needed to overcome to invest in myself. But I spent many hours reading about photography and watching Youtube videos, etc before I took the plunge.

Food Photography Academy is great, I really Lauren’s vibe. And the courses within the academy range from getting to know your camera, to composition to using Lightroom. I can really recommend it.

To get a feel for Lauren - she does have a Youtube Channel.

Have a great day!

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Hi Mary-Lou! How exciting that you’ve decided to dig in and LEVEL UP your blogging business! I love the name of your blog. :heart:

It’s so good to have you here! Welcome!

Hi Megan,

Thank so much! :heart:

Wish I found this forum earlier!

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Welcome to the forum @saltyginger !! We are so happy to have you here. Those sounds like some amazing goals, and you are on the fast track to getting there! I am sure you will reach Mediavine status by the end of this year if not sooner!!

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Thank you Dani!

Thank you for the encouragement :grin:

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Thanks so much for the input! Really great to hear from someone who’s actually taken it :blush:


Hi Mary-Lou!
It sounds like you’ve set yourself up for success in 2022! Your recipes look delicious!


Thank you Sandra!

Thank you for the positive vibes and encouragement.


Hope everything will continue to work well for you Mary-Lou. You reminded me with Clean Eatz.