Hi, I'm Mary-Lou from Salty Ginger

Hi everyone. My name is Mary-Lou and I run https://saltyginger.com/.

I sort of started my blog in Nov 2020 on a small co.nz domain with pretty shitty hosting, random posts and sub-par, and decide to make the jump to .com in May 2021 (when I saw I was actually getting traffic) and upgraded to Cloudways hosting.

From May - Dec I spent a lot of time learning about SEO, optimising my Feast Design Plugin, and then I signed up for Food Photography Academy. In May 2021 I had about 800 sessions per month, and I now currently am getting around 15,000 sessions per month.

My goal for 2022 is to hit the 50,000/month and apply for Mediavine, as well as jump into the freelance photography life.

Thanks for having me!



Welcome Mary-Lou! So cool to hear your story. I love your blog name and I took a little scroll through your blog and I love the aesthetic!

I’d love to hear what you thought of the Food Photography Academy. I’ve never taken any blogging/photography courses because I’m a little hesitant about spending the money before I’ve made much, but I’m curious about others’ experiences!

Great to have you here,


Thank you Maya!

I was also a little hesitant to spend money, it was definitely an internal hurdle I needed to overcome to invest in myself. But I spent many hours reading about photography and watching Youtube videos, etc before I took the plunge.

Food Photography Academy is great, I really Lauren’s vibe. And the courses within the academy range from getting to know your camera, to composition to using Lightroom. I can really recommend it.

To get a feel for Lauren - she does have a Youtube Channel.

Have a great day!

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Hi Mary-Lou! How exciting that you’ve decided to dig in and LEVEL UP your blogging business! I love the name of your blog. :heart:

It’s so good to have you here! Welcome!

Hi Megan,

Thank so much! :heart:

Wish I found this forum earlier!

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Welcome to the forum @saltyginger !! We are so happy to have you here. Those sounds like some amazing goals, and you are on the fast track to getting there! I am sure you will reach Mediavine status by the end of this year if not sooner!!

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Thank you Dani!

Thank you for the encouragement :grin:

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Thanks so much for the input! Really great to hear from someone who’s actually taken it :blush:


Hi Mary-Lou!
It sounds like you’ve set yourself up for success in 2022! Your recipes look delicious!


Thank you Sandra!

Thank you for the positive vibes and encouragement.