Hi I'm Jennifer from Maine

My name is Jennifer and I run the site Kitchen Serf. I’ve been blogging for about seven years and would like to grow my traffic so I can monetize my site more.
I work full time as a newspaper reporter, which has been my excuse for not posting consistently and growing.
A fun fact about me is when I was a kid I raced sailboats competitively with my father.
I’ve been listening to the Eat Blog Talk podcast for a couple of months and I’m really excited to find a welcoming community of food bloggers!
I’d love to collaborate with other food bloggers this year.

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Hi @jennifer and welcome! So happy to have you here. If you’re focused on monetizing, you could take our free course that dives into this topic.

Sailboat racing, that is so cool!!!

We have one spot open for Q1 masterminds. Let me know if you’re interested and I can get you more info!

Thanks Megan, I would be interested in more information about the mastermind.



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Welcome, Jennifer,
Sounds like we are in the same boat. (no pun intended) :smile: I’m ready to start monetizing my site.
I have been blogging 10 years or so but my excuse was I am homeschooling a 1/2 dozen kids. Just before I finished schooling my last two I got a colon cancer diagnosis. Long story short, I have been struggling for 4 years with chronic pain from the very treatments that took cancer out of my body. Doctors are finally finding ways to help and I am about to be an empty nester. I want to turn my hobby blog into a business. It’s time for me to do what I love and make an income while doing it. I hired someone last fall to help me rewrite all my old posts with proper SEO. I’m in the process of learning all I can and implementing those lessons to create a successful food blog business.


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Just sent you an email @jennifer !

Oh goodness Gina. Congratulations beating colon cancer. That’s truly amazing. I turned 50 last year so I was supposed to go for my first colonoscopy but because of COVID–they weren’t scheduling the routine ones but I guess now they are. So I have to make an appointment!

I started monetizing with SheMedia last fall and kind of wish I hadn’t because it’s slowed down my site and their rates aren’t worth it. I’m thinking once they pay me for November and December I’m going to cancel my contract with them.

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Also, love your site, it’s so clean and bright! Following on Pinterest.

Yes, get a colonoscopy. My ob-gyn told me to go when I turned 50. Well, I waited for 4 years when I started having some bleeding (mom of 6 I kept blaming it on hydroids) But it was the large lemon size tumor pushing. If I had gone at 50 it probably would have been a polyp. Ok, off my soapbox :slight_smile:
I ran my site speed through GT Metric before and it was running around 96. They added the ads and it went down to the low 70s. I told them I would have to stop the ads and they said let us tweak them. So over a month of moving things a bit, it is now back to the mid to upper B range now.

Thanks for the push!

I have wildly different scores between GT Metrix, which gives me an A and page speed insights, which gives me a low C for desktop and an F for mobile. It was really, really bad when I first signed up with SheMedia and after a few weeks of messaging them, they finally did something that brought my speed back up but I think they’re still going to have to go. I talked to my guys at BigScoots about it and they said that’s the main thing tanking my site. :frowning:

Are you doing the mastermind?

Yes, doing the master mind group. :slight_smile: I would like to switch to Media Vine but my pv are not up enough so … I keep pressing on.

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Welcome Jennifer. Are you monetizing your site with anything else beside SheMedia?

Thanks, affiliate links, that’s it.

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How are the affiliate links working out for you?

Pretty well, considering I only have probably 25 to 30 posts updated with links. I’m pretty much just using Amazon, which has a high conversion rate.