Hi, I'm Jenna from The Urben Life!

Hello hello! I’m Jenna Urben and my food blog is https://theurbenlife.com :hugs: I share simple recipes that are always dairy-free & egg-free due to food allergies/intolerances.

I began blogging in 2016, about a year after graduating from UT Dallas with a degree in Emerging Media and Communication. I was working at a very small marketing agency and decided it was best to find a better fit. After interviewing and networking, I took a leap of faith and started freelancing and eventually created my blog! It started out more lifestyle with posts about wedding planning, travel, and what I eat in a day until I realized that the posts with the most views and comments were food focused – so I leaned into that. My main focus now is sharing dairy free recipes for beginners!

Fun fact: I’m left-handed :wave:


JENNA! So happy to see you over here! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hi friend! Great to see you here! :hugs:

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Hey there Jenna!! Welcome to our community, we are so happy you here with us!! Love that you are sharing dairy and egg free recipes. I am sure that so many people will benefit from your blog and recipes.

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