Hi - I'm Heather - Food Hussy

Hi - my name is Heather and I’m the owner of TheFoodHussy.com. I cover Restaurants, Recipes and Road Trips with a focus on Copycat & Air Fryer recipes.

I’ve been blogging since 2008. I started doing restaurant reviews and was a hyper-local blogger and switched to 100% recipes in 2019. In 2018, I had 252K page views for the year - in 2020, I had 3.1M page views!!!

I’m planning on quitting my full time job this year and making the leap to food blogging full time.

My fun fact is that I used to do stand up comedy and performed at a food blogging conference a couple years ago!


@foodhussy Heather! WELCOME! I love your blog focuses. Copycat recipes are HUGE and so are air fryer recipes. Love it!

Congrats on your growth… that is sooo awesome! Here’s to more growth in 2021 for you. There’s a lot of opportunity to really dig in within the EBT membership, so I’m excited that you joined us there!!

ps. VERY impressed with your stand-up comedy! SO cool!

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Hello Heather, your idea for food blogging is really very nice. Most people love to read food recipe blogs or food delivery blogs. Keep working on it and share us good blogs.

Welcome, Heather! Your copycat recipes look great. I saw several I would like to try soon.

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