Hi! I'm Adri from Non-Guilty Pleasures

Hi everyone!

I am Adri from Cape Town, South Africa. My food blog, Non-Guilty Pleasures, is about homemade condiments and simple, healthy-ish, meat-free recipes. In time, it will also reflect my love of reimagining leftovers, minimising food waste, and fun fermentation projects. I started it in September 2021 to improve my writing and photography skills, but I fell in love with the whole research and creation process.

As a data scientist taking a break from big tech, SEO and its challenges are right up my alley. So, I’m enjoying the learning curve and solving every new issue (on a tight ZAR budget :joy:). The Eat Blog Talk Podcast has been a great source of information!

Fun fact: My love of food photography and writing started with my cookbook obsession. New cookbooks are my non-guilty pleasures. :wink:

No one should feel guilty about what they eat, or the pleasure they get from eating; the only thing to feel guilty about (and even then I don’t recommend it) is the failure to be grateful for that pleasure.” – Nigella Lawson


Hi Adri and WELCOME! Your blog @nonguiltypleasures is gorgeous and I love the idea behind your business as a whole. The quote you shared about not feeling guilty about food is so awesome. :heart:

I’m so happy you’re finding value in the podcast and I’m a lover of new cookbooks, too. :grin:

It’s great to have you here! Let us know how we can help!

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Thank you so much, Megan! I seriously binged the podcast! :joy:

I look forward to learning from and participating in this great community.


I just enjoyed learning you love condiments - they are something I’ve learned to enjoy making more the past few years and with the pandemic.

You have a beautiful site. I did not realize you wanted black limes either! :rofl:

So glad to have you here and soaking up the podcasts. Please share what you find interesting from the perspective of a data scientist and feel free to post questions you need to brainstorm on!

Melissa - VA

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Great blog, great photos! Nice to see a fellow South African here!

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Thank you for the warm welcome, Melissa! :heart:

I will definitely share my data perspectives. Look forward to the brainstorming!

Yay! A Saffa friend! Your blog is gorgeous. I love the nostalgic South African baked goods. Definitely going to spend some time there! :heart:

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Thank-you Adri! Your recipes look great, already forwarded a link to my other half so we can some delicious dinner ideas!

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You are too kind, Mary-Lou!