Hi, I’m Joanne

I started posting on FB about my cooking and baking about a year ago to counteract the fear at the start of the pandemic. I moved to blogging at uglyducklingbakery.com at the start of 2021 after getting encouragement from friends. Right now I’m trying to improve my photography (need to upgrade from an iPhone 6!) and my figure out my niche. I came to EatBlogTalk today to listen to the end of a great podcast (underrated strategies) that was really resonating with where I am.


You can learn so much here! Be sure and listen to all the old podcasts, they are a wealth of information. I personally have listened to every one of them.
Intentional Hospitality

check on ebay or even pawn shops for a canon dslr camera - that really stepped up my game - i got my first one used - then when my ex husband stole it (argh) - i found a great deal on a new one on amazon - it’s worth the investment

Thanks - I’m working thru the list while I’m on the treadmill! Some are def more relevant to a newbie than others.

Great advice. My first step is a phone upgrade regardless - apple has stopped updating the iOS for the six - but may go to dslr if that is still inadequate. Thanks!

Hi Joanne @uglyducklingbakery ! It is so good to have you here and I’m happy you resonated with one of the EBT podcast episodes. Finding a niche is a really important step, so you’re on the right track! Let us know if you need help as you sort through things. Here for you!

Thanks, Megan! Right now I’m working on just building content and trying not to make too many mistakes I have to go back and fix (though that list of things to go back to is already huge!). I’m participating in a FBC content challenge thru April, so I’m hoping to have ~75-80 posts in total by the end of next month.

From there, the niche down plan is to look at what has resonated so far, focus on that for a month or two, and see how I feel.

The challenge I see is that I don’t have a large number of followers, and the one thing that hit for me so far is a Japanese milk bread that I made into a purple cow pattern (my college mascot was a purple cow), and I’m not sure I want to run with turning all my baked goods purple? Or maybe that’s where kismet is taking me, lol…

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@uglyducklingbakery I like your strategy of giving your content a few months to settle, then really digging into analytics to see what is gaining traction.

Purple baked goods would be a very specific niche! Maybe for purple-sports-themed fans?! :grin: