Hi, I’m Gregory of Craving The Yum

Hey! I’m Gregory from Craving The Yum! Approachable desserts from scratch.

I started this journey at the beginning of the pandemic. I was o. Way towards study for my
Masters to become a psychotherapist, and thought, nope! Not what I want.

I went though a few food bloggers changes and transitions before finally landing on Craving The Yum doing approachable desserts.

I am realizing now that there is great potential for building a sustainable business doing this work. So happy to be here and I look forward to learning and
sharing the space.



Welcome to the forum @greghalpen!

I enjoyed taking a peek at your blog. Beautiful, drool worthy photos and I didn’t know you could make your own baking powder!

Feel free to comment, ask questions, start discussions because we’re all here to learn and grow and be encouraged!

If you want to join the google doc on creating authentic backlinks with other bloggers content that compliments what you need - reach out. Here’s the info below:

We are delighted to get this started for you. We have created a google doc so that we can see the links that you’d like to see shared and then also include your niche/theme of your blog to help others see the recipe and your blog to be sure it’d work well/compliment with their content as they share.

Please email me at melissa@eatblogtalk.com with your email address. I will invite you to the form so we can share the google document with you. It is our goal to include anyone who wants to make this as organic as possible and use where it works, but avoid link stuffing. We are recommending each blogger share up to 5 links that you’d like to see shared on the form for others to use. Also, we’re suggesting each recipe only be shared 3x by different bloggers before we ask you select a new one to put on the form.

So happy to have you here @greghalpen and it was SO nice to talk to you today! I’m excited to edit and publish your episode.


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Welcome to the forum Gregory, so nice to have you here!!!

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