Hi, I am Dan Bocik, a Chef/Owner from Chicago!

Hi, I am Dan Bocik, a 25-year chef and restaurant owner of nationally acclaimed “one of best in Chicago” restaurants, known for world-class customer experience in a highly competitive and discerning market. I am also a food-service industry thought-leader with an exceptional understanding of efficient operations and profitability.

The first-ever dish that inspired me to found my own restaurant is the gnocchi, I can’t ever forget the experience I’ve had when I first tasted it. 25 years later, and my restaurant is still surviving and thriving!

I love to cook and teach people how to prepare various dishes. Aside from cooking and managing my restaurant, I also provide business consulting and software solutions designed to help restaurateurs achieve better profitability in the foodservice industry.

I’m glad to be a part of this community, and I am looking forward to knowing all of you here, and exchange ideas with you so we could all learn from each other! In case you’re running a business as well and needing some consultation or advice, you may also contact me via dan@danbocik.com and I’ll do my best to help!


Welcome, @danbocik! Glad you’ve joined us!

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Thank you so much! Looking forward to connecting and sharing ideas with all of you here! All the best!

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Welcome, @danbocik !

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Well come chef :hugs:

Nice to meet you Dan. Looking forward to learning from your wisdom.