Hi from Northwest Montana & Homespun Seasonal Living

Hi All - I’m Kathie from Northwest Montana. I’ve been blogging for a very long time.

I blog mainly at Homespun Seasonal Living where I encourage folks to live simply in harmony with the natural seasons with the earth. This includes eating seasonal foods, preserving, and more.

I have a small blog about baking bread at Kneady Girl. This is only a few years old and started mostly as a passion project but I would like to build it up in something bigger.

I’m also a partner / co-founder at Rootsy which is mostly geared towards homesteading and includes a fair amount of food posts.

I have a number of different e-books, ecourses, and even a membership program, called Homefolk Roots. I’m looking to leverage all of that better and figure out how to get it all into a much more cohesive kind of marketing.

Fun Fact: I’m not a fan of sweet drinks but love to eat sweet treats like cakes and cookies.

I look forward to getting involved with you all.


Hi Kathie! My goodness, you have your hands in so many buckets! I’m impressed by all that you do.

And Montana is beautiful - are you by Flathead Lake? I know that’s one of @megan 's favorite spots!

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Oh I am just about 30 miles northwest of Flathead Lake. I’m blessed to live in Columbia Falls so between Glacier Park and Flathead Lake. Gorgeous country.

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I’ve been around that area and it is indeed gorgeous!

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Welcome to the group!

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Welcome @KathieLapcevic ! I started replying to this thread a few days ago but somehow never finished. :slight_smile: So happy to have you here!

Northwest Montana is my favorite place in the world!!

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