Hi everyone!

Hey Everybody - I’m excited to be here! My name is Amanda and I blog full time over at Saporito Kitchen. I love to create and photograph meals to feed families and have a heavy focus on comfort food and sunday dinner recipe. I have been blogging since 2017, but started taking it a little bit more seriously about a year ago. Fun fact about me is that I have 4 kids that are ages 2-15!

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Hi Amanda! SO happy to have you here! I just peeked at your blog and WOW!!! :heart_eyes: Your food could not possibly look more comforting and delicious. I can tell you love the photography part of blogging!

I hope you feel comfortable asking and answering questions here. There’s an awesome group of supportive food bloggers here who you are going to love!

Kids ranging from 2-15 is another wow! :slight_smile: That’s so fun!

Thank you so much Megan! I’m super excited!

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