Hi everybody! I’m Ally from RebelSpatula


I’m Ally, and I have a pretty new blog called Rebel Spatula. I’ve had the site for about a year, but I spent most of last year learning, as I discovered there is a LOT that goes into this blogging thing lol! Luckily, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, so I stuck around and gave my blog some water and sunshine to help it grow.

My blog is based around making recipes approachable for anyone. I had the luxury growing up of having two grandmothers teach me how to cook and bake from an early age. I realized later that a lot of people have not, and I want to make it fun for people, and that baking is not as daunting as it seems!

A fun random fact about me is that I have to eat cereal every day. It’s been my favorite snack since I was little. I literally NEVER run out because I keep it stocked at all times. Ironically, I never eat it for breakfast though.


Hi Ally! It’s nice to meet you! I love the idea behind your blog. Simple and anyone can do it.

I also, like to eat cereal pretty much anytime. :relaxed:

Always, Jenn

Nice to meet you too! Thank you so much, I want everyone to have the confidence to cook and bake :relaxed:


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Welcome! I like the name of your blog. Spicy! I love that you’ve just been soaking up all kinds of blogging information and are getting it put into play.


Hi Ally @RebelSpatula ! So happy to have you here and WELCOME! I love that you had two grandmothers teach you to cook. That is really special!
I have to ask… What is your favorite cereal? :slight_smile:

Hi Melissa!

Haha yes I realized there was sooo much to learn, especially with making sure I could take a half decent photo. At this point in the journey, SEO and Pinterest have taken a lot of my interest!

Hi Ally! So happy you’re here!

I love the concept of your site and agree you were lucky to have two grandmothers to teach you all they knew about baking. What a wonderful experience to grow up with!

And I have the same questions as Megan - what is your favorite cereal?

Thanks so much, Megan! Really happy to be here. I love the blogging community!

Some of my best memories growing up were of cooking with my grandmothers. I think it’s most likely why I grew up to enjoy cooking and feeding other people as well. One was Italian and the other is southern, so I ate VERY well haha!

Gosh so hard to pick a favorite cereal! Hmm Cocoa Crispies and Cinnamon Chex are for sure top two

Hi, Taryn!

Thank you so much, I’m happy to be here! I do feel very fortunate to have had those memories growing up. I was hoping my son would enjoy it like I did, but it’s like pulling teeth to teach him to cook :joy:.
My top fave cereals are Cocoa Crispies and Cinnamon Chex!

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