Hi, EBT Community! I'm Vanessa, School Teacher turned Food Blogger!

Hi, I’m Vanessa! I am super excited to be finally be here and part of the Eat Blog Talk community.

I run the food blog A Drizzle of Delicious. I am a trained school teacher, I have been teaching elementary school for 7 years. I have decided to combine my passion for education and food together. I create recipes for families who want their kids from ages 7 - 13+ in the kitchen learning how to cook and bake.

I am new to blogging and have only been blogging on and off for a little over a year. I started A Drizzle of Delicious without a niche… after listening to some podcasts, I have recently realised how important it is to have a niche, so this is why I zoned in on my skills as an educator and combined them with my love of food! I am in the middle of updating all of my recipe blog posts to contain more kid-friendly language, easy to read steps, and the kitchen skills needed for every recipe! I hope to empower kids in the kitchen (and maybe make meal time for the adults a more plesant experience!)

A fun fact about myself that always get’s some jaws to drop - I was 14 pounds when I was born and it was a natural birth. I think my mom is the real V.I.P hah!!!

Looking forward to interacting and learning from you all.


Welcome, Vanessa! @ADrizzleOfDelicious I peeked at your blog and I love it! Your bagel cheesy bread has me salivating.

I think your niche is absolutely perfect, especially post-2020. So many families are getting together in the kitchen, now more than ever before. I love it!

Ok, 14 pounds?! Your mom definitely deserves a huge medal for that. :grinning: SO happy you’re here!

Megan, thank you for checking out the blog! I followed you back on Pinterest as well.

My mom definitely is a champion :joy:

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