Hi all, Vanessa here!

Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum and I would say new to blogging still. I started my blog at Red Wine Dragons in January of 2020 but wasn’t able to start regularly posting until May of 2020. I started it with no computer on an old iPad mini and eventually worked my way to a MacBook laptop. I can now publish and schedule regularly thanks to just having a new computer. I am still trying to learn about seo, building domain authority, improve my overall rankings, and understand keyword research better. I love cooking simple every day recipes and making fresh cocktails inspired by the seasons. I love writing about wine when I get the chance too! I am honored to be among all of you who each have a unique story and journey. Cheers & thanks for having me!


Hey there!!! and welcome to the group!!! Congratulations on your new blog. It is such an exciting time, and definitely don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. As they say, blogging is (in some ways) easy, but it is a lot of work. Consistency is key, and I definitely recommend prioritizing learning about SEO and keyword research.


Thanks @girlappetit! You’re advice sounds spot on. Can’t make it without good strategy.

Welcome! The theme of Cooking Chat is “Great recipes get better with wine” as we focus on wine pairings for almost all of our recipes. I’m involved with several wine & food blogger collaborations including one I founded. Let me know if you’d like an invite (we coordinate monthly themes and other activities via a private Facebook group).

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I love this! Food bloggers are so great, helping one another out, giving each other a leg up. Thank you @CookingChat.

@RedWineDragons , you have beautiful, light filled photography. Love how inviting the cocktails look!
So exciting to grown your blog and business. Sounds like you are very resourceful in using what you had available to you until you could get the mac laptop. I think that will take you far!

As today’s EBT episode with Shinta Simon shared, focusing on your SEO will help future proof your blog so it’s a great place to put focus. There’s a lot of resources right here so if you have any specific questions, be sure to throw out a chat! Someone will be able to give you advice and encouragement.

What’s your favorite SEO tool so far?


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Thanks @mmgtorres! I was as resourceful as I could be indeed. I am currently looking for an SEO tool that can help me with keyword research. I didn’t start doing any keyword research at all until very recently when I realized I ranked high for some posts on the blog by chance. I waited more than a year to put ads and such since it was more of a hobby and now the web whispers back to me with small hints that I should maybe start applying myself in this area. Im on the fence for either paid subscriptions or free. Anything that may help. I’ve heard talk of rank IQ and just using GSC and everything in between.

May I ask what is your favorite?


Wow the posts and you’re website look amazing! Thanks for the invite it sounds great and I’d love to check it out.


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Welcome and cheers :wine_glass:

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Great! Here is a link to the private group where we coordinate our monthly events. March (3/12) the them is to do a pairing with a grape varietal new to you; April we are doing Mexican wines (webinar on 3/26).

Here is a public group for anyone interested in wine pairing. You can share posts that have a wine pairing, or it’s also a good place to ask for suggestions on what to pair with a certain dish.

You can either request to join the private group or if you give me your FB email I should be able to invite you. Cheers!

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There are a lot of good tools out there. I know that free is for me, so always use Google as a tool. But you don’t have to break the bank on them either. I’m currently using Keysearch and it’s pretty straight forward but I always compare it to what I’m seeing on Google search. I’ve used semrush and it’s got a lot of bells and whistles but simpler was better for me and the bells and whistles come with a price so that’s something to consider.

Definitely be using your Google analytics and search console.

@megan loves RankIQ to use as another tool and she’d explain it best.

There are more, like Mozbar and Ubersuggests but I haven’t used them. @mamagourmand, @TarynS what do you two find helpful?

I like Keysearch for my general keyword planning & research. I use RankIQ to ID some low competition keywords to aim for. Using them in tandem works well for me – a recent podcast guest mentioned the same thing.

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Ok I’ll check both out when I log in next thanks so much for the info.

These are all great suggestions some of which I haven’t heard before. @mmgtorres Thanks so much for your input. I’ll be looking into it tonight!

Hello @RedWineDragons Vanessa! Welcome to the group! So happy to have you here. I love to hear how you’ve incrementally upgraded things in your business. So cool! Please feel free to ask any questions in here as they come up. Thanks for sharing your story and blog with us!