Hey y'all, I'm Gina

I’m Gina and have the blog Intentional Hospitality. The focus is on healthy entertaining recipes and ideas when hosting a party. I have had the blog for at least 6 years. It has been a hobby blog while I homeschooled my 6 kids and then after that beat colon cancer. Now I am ready to take it to the next level, a blog that creates an income and becomes my business.
Fun fact… I grew up on a dairy farm in Indiana and now I’m Gigi to 10 grandkids in GA.

Gina :slight_smile:

Welcome Gina! I always need more tips to help me when entertaining. What a great topic!

Hi @Ginainga ! Welcome! Your blog is gorgeous, wow! And how great that you’ve beat cancer. I love hearing that!

So happy to have you here and I can’t wait to watch you take your business to that next big level! :heart:

Welcome, Gina!

I was born in Indiana (South Bend while my dad was in grad school at Notre Dame), then we moved to Iowa, and now I’m back in Indiana. So glad you’ve joined us!

We are all about the Irish even though we are down here now! We were from the Fort Wayne area so Cubs, Colts and ND are our teams.

Yup, those are our teams as well—though my boys went to IU and Purdue and ditched ND as their college football team, once they left home! Plus we have a Wisconsin connection so we’re diehard Packers’ fans and the Bears are the archenemy, LOL.

I graduated from IU at IUPU Fort Wayne then moved south. I visited your site and loved looking through it. Also, girl you rock Pinterest! I have let mine sit stagnet for a few years and am just now starting back up posting. I had comments from over a year ago I never saw.

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Awww, thanks, Gina!! I’ve been working at it!