Hey there, my name is Amy!

I am currently in the research and development stage of starting a new blog. I have been learning so much from listening to Megan’s podcast as well as other avenues within the community and am just so excited to be taking in so much critical information so that I have a great foundation from the get go. I know I have such a long way to go but I finally am feeling like I’m on the right track to starting a blog that will have the right tools to be successful. Thank you all for sharing your wealth of knowledge in advance!

Something I’m heavily researching right now and would love any feedback on is PLUGINS! What plugins do you absolutely recommend I get right out of the gate? I would love any pros/cons, must haves, avoid these, or any other comments you all have regarding plugins.



I’m basically at the same point. I’m trying to figure out what plugins are absolutely necessary and what just make life easier for the food blogger. Also, I’m wondering what themes are best too.

I’m glad we are on this journey together.



Welcome @FoodieLiu!

There are so many amazing free resources out there! I hope you’re having fun learning. Just don’t put off creating content for too long. I went way too far down the research tunnel before creating content. :joy:

I’m also still new to the game, but I’ve found that you should aim to have as little plugins as possible. That said, there are a few (free plugins) that I use:

  • If it’s a recipe site, you need a recipe plugin. Not just because it makes life easier, but because they’re optimised for recipe SEO. (I use the free version of WPRecipeMaker)
  • A caching plugin (I use W3 Total Cache). I need this, but if you have an optimised theme and good hosting, you might not. (Get decent hosting from the start! Decent hosting does not have to mean expensive.)
  • Yoast to set meta descriptions and set up categories and page SEO, etc.
  • I also use EWWW Image Optimizer to further reduce the size of images even though I don’t export them at full quality.

There are, of course, more advanced paid plugins and optimisers. So, I’m also curious to see what the more seasoned bloggers are using.

I know many food bloggers use the Feast theme and plugin, but it’s quite expensive. Though, it might be a worthwhile investment. It could save time learning and keeping up with SEO and other trends. But that’s the part I enjoy most, which is why I haven’t taken the plunge to buy it! :joy:


Welcome! So glad you introduced yourself and asked a question!

This is an awesome question and it looks like a few bloggers below got the conversation started. I know there’s a few more seasoned bloggers who can speak to this with wisdom.

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That is great advice!

I’m doing a good deal of recipe development and just getting more comfortable with new lighting, so I’m definitely putting some work in there as well.

I had note even heard of EWWW Image Optimizer. I’ll have to look into that for sure.

I really appreciate your response!


Sure thing! I don’t know many real life food bloggers and it’s always fun to chat and learn together! So, shout if you have any questions. :blush:

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