Hey! I'm Bethany :)

Hey guys, well, I’ve already introduced myself before, but we are changing up how the intros are done – instead of all on one thread, which can get confusing, we are going to try for new intros to be done on their own topic.

So, thought I would repost mine as it’s own topic to get the ball going.

I’m the COMMUNITY MANAGER for this forum! So, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

So, the goal @megan and I have is to make this a place of great discussion and somewhere everyone in the food blogging community can feel safe and at home. Looking forward to how this all grows!

So here goes:

  1. Bethany Smith
  2. My blog is at foodblogusability.com and I help food bloggers around the user experience specifically and just being awesome generally. :wink:
  3. The above blog has been a bit less than a year. I first wrote on a blog in about 2002. It was a weather focused blog for oregonlive.com where I was a producer. I’ve had different projects over the years.
  4. Fun fact is that I was once stranded in Cheyenne, Wyoming after my car got totalled in icy weather.

Hi Bethany,
It’s excellent your doing a blog about user ability. I know some more prominent bloggers are being sued right now for not be accessible enough for their vision impaired viewers. It’s something that I’m a little worried about as I’m creating content.

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Thanks! If you’re interested, I do have a blog post and a free downloadable web accessibility guide & planner on my website!

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